Irish Road Bowling

‘Faugh A Ballach !!!’ (Clear the way)
for the Irish Road Bowling Contest
Saturday May 26, 2012 – Rain or Shine

Register at 11:30am at the Queen’s Hotel by the Saturday BEFORE the Festival – May 19, 2012 – and sign in there to get your equipment on Contest Day May 26th at 11:30am!

What is Road Bowling? It is an ancient sport, dating back to very early times, that has been played in Ireland for years! Teams bowl ‘Bullets’ underhand through a designated obstacle course approximately 3 miles (on the roadway). The first team to the finish line with the least amount of ‘Bowls’ wins! This is a family friendly event.

Who can compete? Teams of 2 players, 19 years of age or older. Costumes or team dress are encouraged! Teams will be provided with all other essential needs for the contest except your colours/costume to denote your team. We are looking for 10 – 15 teams for the competition.

Entry Fee: $15.00 per person, $30.00 per 2-person team. First paid first served basis.

Deadline for Entries: Saturday – one week BEFORE the festival!(May 19, 2012)

Prizes: Trophies, gifts etc. will be awarded.

All winners have bragging rights!

All proceeds from this event go to local charities and community projects.

Registration: Please sign up at the Queen’s Hotel one week BEFORE the festival. Teams are asked to sign in at 11:30 am on the day to receive their equipment.

The Course: Starting line is the hill on County Rd. 31 at the end of Ontario St. You bowl down the hill, over the tracks, around the corner onto Earl St., along Earl St.., around the corner onto Division St.,. up Division St. to the finish line at the Queen’s Hotel.

Warning: This may not be as easy as you think!!! Please download a copy of the rules for further information.