Kids Tractor Pull

Kid’s Pedal Tractor PullSaturday May 26, 2012
11:30am on King Street

Twice daily in the Children’s Activity Area adjacent to the Information Booth, where boys and girls are encouraged to challenge themselves and compete with their peers in an elimination contest.Registration and weigh-in: 1/2 hour prior to event at the Information Booth. No fee required.

3 Weight Categories:

  • 0 – 50 lb.
  • 51 – 75 lb.
  • 76 – 100 lb.


1. Tractor is set up at the starting line with the pedal up. Contestants are allowed a maximum of 3 pulls.

2. First draw with the pulling sled alone, next with 25 lb. added to the pulling sled and third pull with 50 lb. added, if necessary. Failure to make a complete draw with the sled results in elimination.

3. Contestants compete in their own weight division beginning with 0 – 50 lb., then 51 – 75 lb. and finally 76 – 100 lb.

4. Winners are determined by the measured distance of the pull.