Apple Blossom Tyme Festival 2012Entertainment – Stage Show Listing


Saturday May 26
10:30 – 11:30 AM – Andrew Queen

Andrew “Too Tall” Queen is on a mission to get kids singing about food: growing food, sharing food, local food, healthy food and of course, eating food! His latest release, GROW, offers up generous helpings of original tantalizing tunes, seasoned with silliness and sprinkled with sweet sing-alongs. This smorgasbord of song is bound to leave folks with a belly full of laughs and hungry for more.The Parent’s Choice Foundation gave Andrew his second Award saying that his music is “guaranteed to tickle funny bones with the zany adaptations of familiar tales and traditional comic campfire songs”. Andrew’s storytelling approach to songwriting delivers messages of sharing, cooperation and anti-bullying bolstered by a 2010 Canadian Folk Music Award and 2011 Indies Award for Children’s Artist of the Year.

Noon – 2:00 PM – Apple Blossom Band
Steve Piticco – Canada’s Top Country Guitar Player

I truly love Country, Bluegrass and Texas-Swing although I have played almost all kinds of music in my 36 professional years in the music business. I have been truly blessed to play with almost everyone I’ve grown up listening to. I love my 1976 Telecaster I bought new in Jan, 77 and still play it today. I play ‘Lead, Bass, Steel, Baritone, Dobro, Banjo’ and pick an Accoustic and Mandolin.I play with South Mountain which is a band we started in 1989 and still tour Europe and Scandinavia every year. I am the only original, full-time member although most of what I do is, sessions and freelancing, live. I thank all of you, for your interest in my playing -Steve Piticco.


Randy Morrison – Canada’s Top Country Fiddler Player

Randy Morrison has celebrated over 30 years of musicianship in the fiddle business. He has toured with Graham Townsend Canada’s fiddle legend and played many times with Walter Ostenak Canada’s Polka King and Mac Wiseman (bluegrass legend).He has also played with Country music legend Don Helm from the original Hank Williams Band,; opened shows for Faron Young, Glen Campbell, and Roy Clark.

Most recently has won Canadian Bluegrass Fiddle player of the year 2010 and 2011.

Will Murray

Will Murray was raised in Havelock, Ontario. As a child there was always Country music playing on the Record Player or pickin’ and grinnin’ at the house.Will started playin Drums, Guitar and Bass very young, by the age of 12 he was playing on stage with his Dad’s band.

Love and Passion for country music has been the driving force that inspired Will to make his mark in this industry. He is honoured to share his talents with you.


Bill Murray


12 Noon – 12:30 PM – Jeannie Mintz

Jeannie has been a featured entertainer for various local and province wide Classic Country, New Country, and Gospel music Venues. Her first album recorded, by request, is called ‘Southern Comfort’. This year she added a second country CD and her first Gospel CD entitled ‘Homeward Bound’ which features the background of one of Cramahe Township’s local churches. She has been asked to perform again this summer at the Annual CCMR (Classic Country Music Reunion) in Trenton, ON.
One of her favorite singing events of the year was when she won a contest at the North Mountain Fairgrounds in Hiawassee, Georgia (her birth state) where she got to ‘open’ for Blue Grass legend, Ricky Skaggs. She has been a performer on the Main Stage for the local Auction Barn Jamboree for 3 years and has been a two time finalist in the new Auction Barn Jamboree Singing Contest at the Keeler Centre.She is also scheduled to sing on the Gospel Show at the 3rd Annual Kinmount Country Jamboree at the Kinmount, Ontario Fairgrounds. She is a regular entertainer at various legions in Ontario and enjoys interacting with the audience as well as giving a lively performance.


12:30 – 1:00 PM – Jamie Spurvey

Jamie began playing guitar at the age of 7. At the tender age of 12 the Spurvey family made the move to Ontario from Newfoundland where Jamie began playing the accordion and in no time was wowing crowds with traditional music and was playing to large crowds at many stages and events. Jamie’s first CD was released at the age of 14, a collection of those very same traditional Newfoundland songs titled ‘A Long Way From Home’Jamie amazed the crowd on his way to winning first prize at the Havelock Country Idol contest in Havelock Ontario. Winning provided much opportunity and was valued at $20,000 and included Studio recording time at Iguana studio in Toronto as well as a coveted 5 song slot in the 2011 Havelock Jamboree. The Crowd at Havelock quickly got a glimpse of Jamie’s future and to the crowds pleasure before leaving the stage to huge ovations the Havelock committee booked Jamie for a full show in the 2012 Jamboree.

Now working hard on his up coming full length album became his focus which is a full production due out in March and showcases his amazing voice and song writing ability. Such hits as ‘I Wouldn’t Take a Million Dollars For a Single Maple Leaf’ , ‘Two Stepped Your Way’ and ‘Crow Bar Hotel’ and many more.


1:00 PM – 1:30 PM – Julie Simpson

Born and raised on farms in the Rural Routes of Campbellford ,Stirling and Beverton – Julie began performing at 10 when she joined the Mount Pleasant Church Youth Choir. By 15,she began singing at the Stirling Theatre Jamborees.At 16 she took up the guitarand started singing at fairs ,homes and campfires – anywhere she could. Julie won an opportunity to work with Gordie Tapp for Terry Fox’s Milestone in Madoc in 1980 -an amazing experience allowing her to play from coast to coast plus Nashville.

In 1989, Julie won a Nation Wide Singing Competition at the C.N.E in Toronto. The prize was a recording session in Nashville with Gary Buck and Les Ladd. Releasing “7 Daughter” with Willis Robertson(Ont. Slim),which went to #15 on the Cnd.Charts, and opened for Juno award winners such as Jim Whiner.

Julie continues to work with Gary Buck, and Tom Peck(formally Pres. of RCA records) doing voiceovers in Nashville. Her latest accomplishment was Reaching#25 on the Euro Charts with original”Sadly Mistaken”on the Hillcrest Label

1:30 – 2:00 PM – Julie and Ryan Barrett

Ryan and Julie Barrett are a brother and sister duo from Cobourg, who have been playing traditional fiddle music together for four years. Julie started playing classical violin at age seven, but soon took a liking to the lively fiddle music. Ryan with musical experience on piano, began to play guitar to accompany Julie with the fiddle music.Having portable instruments has made it easy for them to bring their music to a variety of different venues. They have played at many community events from corn roasts and garden tours to summer festivals, fundraisers and talent shows. As the weather warms up they are looking forward to another summer of sharing their lively fiddle music.


2:00 – 4:00 PM – Sweetgrass Bluegrass Band

Jim Bob Marsden – Alderville OnHas been playing in bands since he was a youngster. In the early years during the 6o’s and 70’s he played Soul, Rhythm & Blues and Classic Rock. Growing up his family always played music and his father taught him to strum along to Five Foot Two, Bill Bailey, Just Molly and Me and so many other classics of that era. He found his roots in Country music during the 8o’s and met good friend Adrian and have been playing together ever since performing Country, Classic Rock tunes and started playing Bluegrass during the 90’s.

Al Kirby – Peterborough on

Plays banjo and Dobro with “Sweetgrass.” Al is a multi-instrumentalist who enjoys a blend of folk, country, blues, bluegrass, and jazz. He has a B.A in Music from Queen’s University and a Masters Degree in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University. Al has taught music privately for 35 years.

Ginny Mcilmoyle – Cobourg On

Known for her country ambitions is now adding the sweet sounds of Bluegrass to her repertoire. You won’t be disappointed. Ginny likes to expand her musical talents and never closes a door when opportunity knocks. Entertaining since the early 90’s for audiences across Canada and U.S. playing rhythm guitar, singing, and writing country music. Learn more about Ginny at

Cheryl Casselman – Casselton On

Was born and raised in the countryside of Newcastle Ontario. Her parents instilled in her the passion she has for music. Cheryl is a singer songwriter and started writing music at a young age. She recalls seeing Buck Owens play at Ontario Place, which added to her desire to one day, perform. She released her first CD, ANY ROAD NORTH of which two songs have won Ontario Independent Music Awards for best Country song. Cheryl is honored to be asked to join this dynamic band and has most recently taken up the mandolin to add to the sweet sounds that make up the Sweetgrass Band.

Adrian Donnelly – Napanee On

Met Jimbob in the 8o’s and have worked together ever since performing Country, Classic Rock tunes and started playing Bluegrass during the go’s together. Adrian’s unique and smooth guitar style adds a folk flavor to the bluegrass tunes that only enhance the vocals that he lends as well. A little shy and humble too.


Sunday May 27



12 Noon – 12:30 PM – Michaela and Katie Hetherington >

Michaela and Katie Hetherington presently live in Peterborough, Ontario. They spent their early childhood years living in Colborne which is the home town of their father Gordon and their grandparents Blake and Loretta.Michaela and Katie have always loved to sing. Their singing gifts began to flourish as they entered their early teen years. Michaela plays guitar and sings harmony while Katie carries the melody and also plays guitar. The girls started their young singing careers singing at family events and highschool concerts. Michaela is part of the vocal and instrumental programs at Thomas A. Stewart Secondary School where she is taught by her musical instructor Mr. Abrahamse. Katie has accompanied her sister singing at many highschool events and the Stage Cafe in Peterborough. Both girls were home schooled by their mother from preschool through grade 8.

Michaela and Katie enjoy performing country hits from artists like Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood as well as gospel music from contemporary groups like Third Day, The Fray and Skillet. Michaela has written and performed many of her own songs such as Smile, You’ve Changed and Somebody. Her versatile singing style has been strongly influenced by grammy award winning recording artist, Mac Powell of Third Day. Michaela;s fan page can be found Katie favors the music of Taylor Swift and resembles the young female superstar.


12:30 – 1:00 PM – Brighton High School Dance Club
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM – FINGERS X’D

FINGERS X’D was first formed back in the fall of 2010. We started out just playing one genre of music but have grown over the past year. We have made some recent changes as of lately to include a new BASS PLAYER with back up vocal ability and we have added a second singer, The beautiful LADY LEE.Our music is played daily on 91x Loyalist Radio and we have been in the Top Indie 5 bands in the Quinte area. We now play any genre of music to suit any venue – everything from Country Rock / Classic Rock / Pop Rock / Alternative Rock / New Rock / and some comedy along the way.

In the bands short time together they have accomplished quite a lot. With their original music; they have won the SUPERNOVA battle of the bands 2010 in Kingston Ont and were awarded recording time. They also were chosen over 100s of bands to compete in ROCKQUEST 2011 which was put on by The Wolf 101.5 FM. They have been in the Top 5 Indie bands in Quinte on 91.3 FM 91X Loyalist Radio with their song SAID & DONE.

Just recently they entered their 2 songs in POST -Sugar Crisp’s Competition THE FIRST 15 and they did really well, placing 13th with JUST ME and 14th with HELD MY HEAD out of 100’s of Entries..In 2012 they entered the HARD ROCK RISING Competition through The HARD ROCK CAFE and were in the TOP 20 bands in Canada in the Online Vote.

Brandon Welling – has been singing and playing guitar almost his whole life. He has been in many bands over the years and has accomplished many things musically. He has written many original songs which have won him and his band at the time, The Supernova Battle Of The Bands. This enabled Mr. Welling to record a lot of his original music, he currently has over 24 songs out and he just won The Trenton Idol Singing Competition in the summer of 2010. He is very energetic and brings life to the stage every time, no doubt Mr. Welling lives to entertain.

Tyler Dorazio – This young man will be sure to impress you every time out. Its almost as if this 19 year old man was born with a guitar in his hand – He has been playing since he was 12 years old. He has jammed with a lot of people and has played many rock events. He has also played in the band ‘Against the grain’ since 2009, but now has joined FINGERS X’D. Tyler uses an epiphone Les Paul custom black with gold hardware and a Fender Strat, an orange dual terror with a Marshall 4×10 cab. use many effects pedals like distortion, fuzz, delay, phaser, wah and more.

Marcel Dube –

Lary Babcock – Lary has been playing bass since he was 13 and has been in bands from Nova Scotia to Victoria, He has been lucky enough to have been playing in original bands doing every thing from Folk, Celtic rock/punk, Alt country, Blues, Garage rock, to some seriously aggressive high velocity PUNK . Music is why He breathes. His influences are “Not having to work a day job” and “Avoiding Reality” he is a huge fan of music, and he loves a little bit of everything.

Peter T. Vannuis – Peter has been in music his whole life, signed to RCA Records years ago with his old band THE PETES. He is a great asset to the band , as he has the knowledge and know how about the biz. He brings his years of experience and knowledge of sound & lights to the max every time out. He also has a great voice and choice of Classic and Original tunes to bring to everyone’s ears

Shanda Mochulla (AKA Lady Lee) – She hasn’t been singing that long but when you hear what she has to offer you are going to think she has been singing her whole life. At every venue they just can’t get enough of this beautiful and talented young Lady Lee. She brings an amazing raw talent to the stage every time she sings.

2:00 – 2:15 PM – Brighton Highland Dancers
2:15 – 3:00PM – CEDARAIL

Wendy Bellan and David Hayes met and formed CEDARAIL a year ago with a commitment to performing various styles of music with the integrity and professionalism that both the music and audiences deserve. This duo from Grafton that consists of bass, guitar and two-part harmony has a repertoire of over 150 songs of which some are CEDARAIL originals.They perform at various events around the province of Ontario including festivals, summer concerts, clubs and legions, fairs, private venues and fundraising benefits. CEDARAIL’s latest CD “Pickin’ ‘Til The Cows Come Home” has met with great reviews.