Website Performance Essential Measures

Web Tool Links

Whois tells who owns a domain name URL or if it is available to be registered
W3Schools is the premier Web tutorial site; stop here first.
W3Cvalidator provides tough love assessment of HTML usage on a page
BuiltWith Chrome app that displays the tools a website is built with
DB Engines is full of data and comparisons of all major types of database systems
SuperWebTool generates favicons and lots more.
Hosting Checker identifies hosting service for any website provides speed, mobile, SEO, and SEO grades for any website
Nibbler provides over 16 measures for any website
SimilarWeb provides detailed traffic for any website and one or more competitors
Clarity Grader for readability assessment of your website; free first test is time limited
Wapplyser is a free app that lists what tools a website is built with
W3Cvalidator provides tough love assessment of HTML usage on a page
Google Speed Test provides key speed
Google Mobility test includes free report
Pingdom provides speed & performance details for any website
Gtmetrix provides over 8 detailed speed measures for any website
Gift of Speed offers ratings, timeline, and tutorial guidance to better speed
Clarity and readability assessment of your website; free first test is time limited
Speed Improvement Suggestions advice on plugins & methods
SEO Checker provides SEO analysis plus valuable SEO guides
Reaction Engine provides comprehensive SEO analysis
Backlinks Checker number and value of backlinks
Moz Open Site Explorer provides great SEO website assessments
Woorank provides SEO and Marketing assessments of websites
Site ReportCard provides 6 free SEO tools
SEOWorkers is detailed analysis of SEO HTML on a page with video advisories
SEOSorcer Tools is a free collection of great SEO tools
Rank-Gen provides SEOand more website info
HubSpot Web Marketing trends
Hosting Facts novel stats to mid 2017
HackerNews tells the latest hacking trends in the World
WeAreSocial tracks gathers a wide range of global Web statistics
Norton only checks online non-compressed URLs if they are safe to use
ScanURL is another free URL checker; but it also must be uncompressed
ExtractURL is a freeZip or Rar file URL extractor
Virustotal scans URL or a file for signs of virus. Free and lots of analysis info
Trend Micro is a free URL safety checking tool
WhatisIP is a free IP address lookup tool
Security Boulevard provides all the news on Security events
Wayback Machine provides backups for uor website in for as long as it exsted

Graphic Links

Pixlr is a the best free photoshop-like tool
SumoPaint is a close second as a free photoshop-like tool
Photopea is very good, free photoshop-like tool
Picmonkey has touch-ups, full edits and collage making.
Squoosh.appBest image compression app with AVIF & Webp
TinEye will lookup for a copy of an image on the Web
Resize Image supplies many options for image resizing
Image Compressor super online image compressions
ConvertImage converts images from 1one to new file format
EzGif provides super online gif animations
Gif Makeranother good online gif animation tool
Free Icon 8 Library has a wide range of icons with shading
SiteOrigin Background Generatorvery versatile design tool
Canva is a free graphic design tool for creating posters, cards, etc
Fotojet is a semi-free photo, collage, DTP tool
Befunky offers semi-free photo editor, collage maker and designer
Flaticon has 10,000++ free and funky icons
Little Snippetsof CSS for images and some text display
ColorZilla is a Chrome app with Advanced Eyedropper, Color Picker, Gradient Generator tools
Cause of Color explores all aspects of color theory
Physics of Color outlines the physics shaping colors
ColorSystems history & people behind color theory
ColorWorqx multipage encyclopedia of color
ColorArts explores use of color by renowned artist
Paletton ColorDesigner the best color wheel on the Web
Adobe Kuler much improved color wheel
Colrd is a fun color discovery site
ColourLovers shows hues used in all crafts
Colr Org discover all the hues in your images
ColorHunter another color hunting website for your images
W3Schools is the premier Web tutorial site; let me repeat, go here first.
FOSS is Free Open Software Systems for PC, Mac and Linux with no hassles.
TutorialsPoint has broader selection of tools covered but lacks W3's TryIt
WebCode Tools CSS3 and other Web code generators
CSS3Maker is granddaddy of CSS3 Code generators still vital
CSS Portal online CSS Editor, Generator & Resources
EnjoyCSS Tool provides advanced styling for text, forms, buttons with code generation
CSS Code Beautify or Minimize also does CSS Validations
SQLFiddle is for testing SQL database coding using 5 of the most popular SQL databases
CodePenIO is a free HTML/CSS/JS code test environ
JSFiddle is also a free HTML/CSS/JS code test environ
JSBin is a third free HTML/CSS/JS code test environ
Data.WorldWonderful source of database data to explore
Docs.Data.WorldBasic SQL documentation from head to toe
CapterraComprehensive list of software categories
PHP Manual starts in medias res
has a great selection of images on popular topics
SpliteShire has over 900 free pics and nifty selection of free videos
Wikimedia Commons use sidebar for great starting points
Plixs starts best in latest images
British Library is like Viintage, crammed with oldies but goodie pics
US Government - this is just a list of US Gov photo sources
Old Books has illustrations and engravings from the vintage era
PublicDomainVector yes, gobs of vector images n SVG
Free Stock Photos is one of the best organized of the free photo sites
Picdrome has about 2000 high quality images
Viintage has lots of vintagimages but many are small or luress into premium bus
Gratisography has a decidedly whimsical, specialiezd look
Little Visuals is different
PDPics has broad selections of varying quality
Giphy provides good search over good quality images
Public Domain Archive has a small number of great photos & list to other free pics
Yeah has about 70 good stock photos
Pexels is one of the best free pic resources has serach by color & other goodies
Great list of free stock photos
Unsplash provides a wide selection of free image, many hero-sized
Pixabay also provides a good selection of free images
Pexels provides a broad selection of free video clips is a Chem Engineering Consultancy
ImagenationIT Master WordPress Mechanics home website
JBS Workflow tests project management tools
Paul Diamond's Nevis Island Home is for sale this summer
Prototype.imagenation tests WP pageBuilders
Vital Web Stats has Web trends of interest.
Pexels provides a broad selection of free video clips
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