2 Strange New Graphics Programs

Graphics Tips
Google is selling SketchUp Pro for $495 – Why?

The program, SketchUp Pro is not strange – its a architecture and landscape design program which appears to have not only a nice range of features but also integrates well with AutoDesk DWG and other CAD files. No the novelty here is that Google is doing this. True, Google is in the software business and they have a new Web Store, and they sell Google Apps and other cloud software. But this is a passingly strange software sideline. Is this just honoring a purchase agreement made a few years ago. Is this help for a Stanford buddy? Any novel suggestions will be duly noted in the comments below.

Strange Software II

Web development
Autodesk is selling this for $59

Okay you can get Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011 for $55 on Amazon. Why is Autodesk going for markets served by Adobe, Corel and many others. Okay, there is the need in more Autodeask products for great drawn images – especialy as 2D surfaces. And maybe this is a yearly subscription price – but there is no sign of that on Amazon or the Autodesk site.

Are these precursor signs of Autodesk and Google entering the graphics software markets in a bigger way? Only the Drop Shadow knows…

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