5 HTML5 Motivators

1)This demo of HTML5 powered Quake 2 game will be a motivator for developers to explore what can be done in HTML5

2)The Battle Royale between Adobe and Apple over the suitability of Flash on iPad/iPhone/iPod will drive more users to HTML5. And Google’s second implementation of Google Voice for iPad/iPhone/iPod using HTML5 demos how strong HTML5 is for Web tasks[will Steve Jobs reject Google Voice again??].

3)The appearance of a full set of W3CSchools docs on HTML5 including Test and Try it Live edit and go pages will allow users to see that a lot of HTML5 tags are implemented in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and even IE9 Preview. Users can try it and see if they like it.

4)This argument to get started now don’t wait for final dots and crossings is good advice. HTML5 is happening now!

5)HTML5 is actually broken into many big <Tag> chunks.
The most important, SVG, <canvas>, and <video> have a lot of history and momentum behind them.

So again, don’t wait for Spring – it and HTML5 have  already arrived!

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  1. Problem … there is not a lot of sofware supporting HTML5. CS5 version of Adobe Dreamweaver has nothing!!!! I t looks like most Web Developers will be left to their own devices – or simple edit tools

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