A Second Look at SEO

SEO too often has the connotation that first page ranking on Google Search is the measure of a website’s promotional success. This presentation take a contrarian viewpoint inspired by SearchEngineLand’s notion of a Periodic Table of Promotional SEO Success factors:
[gview file=”” width=’100%’ save=”0″] Here is the presentation made at the Quinte West Library free Web Tutorial:
[gview file=”” width=’100%’ save=”0″] This multifactor approach to SEO is more aligned with Google’s Guidelines for Website Promotion.

4 thoughts on “A Second Look at SEO”

  1. Hi, as regular user of SEO content technics with some blog sites and some specially selling sites, I am not sure if I agree completely with smaller importance of being on the first site on Google. I am using long tail method and I am ranking with some products pages on first site. Up until now I am still getting far better results on commercial keywords, although I would sometimes want to be better with long tails.
    Example: my niche site ranking first is giving me regulary 30 leads, with only 30 posts on it. My broad site (not niche) has now already 300 posts and giving med decent traffic and conversion little bit over 30.

    1. This review was done to emphasize the fact that websites with good SEO promotions but without good design and runtime performance will lose out to other websites that have both – good SEO but also good design and run time speed.

    1. Hi –

      I am come from a web culture [Toronto Canada] where Google first page SEO is King. Unfortunately the websites suffer User inconveniences, poor styling and derelict content – so when the website arrives on Google Page 1 – you wonder why they got there. It is this problem the post seeks to address.


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