Adobe Creative Suite: Development Impact

Adobe is having a huge coming out party for its Creative Suite of products. And what a show!

There are over 20 new products and bundles being announced. A lot will be the first looks at what the merger of Macromedia and Adobe will bring to the market place. But of even more impact to developers is the importance that graphics design, presentation and UIs are having on development and user interfaces. Already we have cited how Adobe Apollo will be vital to the emergence of Rich Interactive Architectures. But as well the new products in the Creative Suite will have major impacts onUIs and presentation development. Here are some of the the most important creative tools on announcement:
Photoshop Extended CS3 – see where Adobe is taking the pro version of their master Photo-editor, its interesting.
Dreamweaver CS3 – boosts Illustrator/Photoshop links; AJAX, CSS and XML support but defers visual design + debugging to Flex
Flash Professional CS3 – improves Flash coding and debugging, is there enough for designers too ?
Fireworks CS3 – so much here for web graphic designers – a flood of new graphic functions and coding features.
Contribute CS3 – takes a new approach to delivery being accessible from browsers and Office while delivering to multi-sites.

Watch for reviews of not just Apollo but a number of the above tools in the coming months as they become available in theOpensourcery and thePhotoFinishes as well.

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