Asus Eee Pad Transformer Update

This blog has been predicting great things for the the Asus Eee Pad Transformer see our April 17th review which rates the machine as the best dockable tablet. Now the machine has become available on April 25th  in the US and canada for $399.99 for the tablet only 16GB version. And as noted on Engadget it has promptly sold out  on Amazon. Ye Editors search across US and Canadian outlets finds the Eee Pad for sale but also sold out on the several sites visited.

Now this could be a promotional stunt by Asus supplying the market with a small number of machines to generate buzz when they sell out immediately.  English buyers have seen the same phenomenon just two weeks earlier. But there in no denying that the Eee Pad breaks a tablet price point – $499 for a 16GB basic tablet. It also thrusts Android and Linux into the limelight as noted here.

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