JPEG2000 has shrivelled and not quite died but certainly is not what it promised to be as a replacement for the JPEG image format. Here are the ugly facts: Graphics Support in the Major Browsers Web Standard IE8 Firefox 3.x Chrome 1. Opera 9.6 Safari 4 JPEG2000 No No No No No SMIL Dropped? 3.1 […]

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Apple Parings

Slashdot has a great posting which acts as an antidote to the domestic “Gosh iPhone is Wonderful” worship from many US Gadgeteers and IT pundits. I repeat the essence here: “With a high level of technical sophistication, critical customers, and high innovation rate, Japan is the toughest cell phone market in the world. So it’s

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Why Mozilla Counts

Mozilla counts in the Web World not just because of some of its pioneering Web development projects but because its Firefox browser really has Web muscle – browser market share. See the the tables below which show the increasing Firefox market share: The above results are from the W3CSchools Survey These results are from industry

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EU Has Got It Right

The US DOJ under the Bush Administration totally blew the Antitrust Decision with Microsoft. But that was the first sign of  an endemic incompetence. Now the EU Commission in requiring Microsoft to preload Windows 7 with the Safari, Mozilla, Google, and Opera browsers as well as IE for  a user option of choice (much as

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Sturdy and Reliable

Business Week has a spot-on article about Obsolete Computers that Still Do the Job. Despite the misnomer – these computers are certainly not “obsolete” if they deliver continued value and efficiency as described in the article. This is sound advice that unfortunately goes up against the perfect storm of “newer is better”, “in gadgets we

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Cloud Computing Drivers: AJAX Frameworks

It can be argued that  JavaScript AJAX Frameworks are leading software development right now. This is not just UI Web development but the whole tenor of software being developed. Open, agile developing that is cross browser, OS, and database/web server platforms are the regular mashup targets of more developers. And the primary development software they

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Green Gadgets ?

Engadget has a great story about one of the most novel green gadgets that appeared at the CES show. I am surprised this was not at DODView – a pseudo Department of Defense exhibition where stuff == procurements for the $600 Billion US Defense budget get screened. Imagine having a power device that can run

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Instant on PCs

Netbooks popularized by Asus with the Eee at $399 or less will become the formfactor for more access to the Cloud. And its now taking a new twist – Instant on PCs. These are Netbooks that can boot in 10 seconds or less. The very interesting fact is that Linux  with preprogrammed, small taskbars is

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CES 2009: Yahoo TV Widgets

We cover in our sister publication, PictureThat, the accelerating convergence in  functionality and features between still cameras and video camcorders. Still cameras are borrowing much wider zooms, low lux performance, and image stabilization from video cameras while providing HD video recording capabilities with interchangeable lessons in cameras like the Nikon D90 or Canon Mark 2D

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Overhyped Gadgets

Digital Trends by way of Yahoo has a list of the most overhyped gadgets for 2008. I really did not expect to agree with their selections … “one man’s delight is another man’s poison”. But I was surprised to discover that these products did all have a consistent trait – they were heavily promoted and

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