If anyone tells you that IE is only missing a few HTML and W3C standards, take a look at what Dean Edwards is doing just for CSS in creating what he calls IE7. First, kudos to Dean for a massive and well architected effort. Dean is certainly right about developers being tired of spending anywhere from 10-40% of their time coding workarounds for non-standards compliant IE. Yes, Microsoft will tell you the other browsers are off-standards too – they simply ignore how far they are off base.

Now with Microsofts new browser version IE7 due out this summer, it may make a lot of Deans work redundant. If it does not – you have some real options:
1)switch to Firefox/Mozilla, Netscape, Opera or Safari;
2)send a friendly note to Dave Massy, Program Manager for the new IE development;
3)Or use Deans fixes to Internet Explorer.
Now in the long term, which of the above solutions do you consider most effective?

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