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About Gmail’s new look did you know that Google had $2.8 billion dollars to spend on improving Gmail last quarter for its new look released November 7th.. About Gmail’s new look, for the first time ever, ye Editor finds himself saying that it looks like the new look is an old Microsoft ploy – dazzle them with the same-old, same-old in new GUI glitzy  formatting with no real substantial improvements. No matter that users have cryptic icons replacing clear button commands like Archive, Delete, Spam, etc. About GMail’s new look, users still have to go to email programs like Mozilla Thunderbird if they want to be able to include images in the body of their email, have templates for styling the look of their  emails, or get real, immediate online help. Hey, Google does not do it often and most of their recent sweep of GUI improvements have been tied in with improvements in features as well as GUI look and feel. But with Gmail Google looks like Goofle.

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  1. There are Gmail Labs available that enable the user to include images directly on the body of the message and to set the default style (font style, size, color, etc.) of outgoing emails. Maybe you should check these out sometime, seeing as they are the way Google tests the popularity of features to decide whether to have them graduate to Gmail or not.

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