What Is Google Searching For?

For the past year, Google Search has been under self-induced duress and now serious Chatbot direct competitive threats. The self-induced trauma comes from so many popup and inserted ads, unexpected Schema Location and SEO inserts/elaborations under less user control. Based on  Kinsta’s 21 Alternative Search Engines to Use in 2023 [which was last updated back in August 2022] the top 4 search engines can be expected to do well now:
1 – Bing has OpenAI’s ChatGPT as its engine and already sees growth;
2 – Duck-Duck-GO allows no tracking and large listing pages attracting more users;
3 – Yah00, now with Finance and Seacrh list features plus heavy marketing has also picked up users;
4  – Ask with a chat oriented interface has picked up a segment of users that like that approach.
So now the second round of Google layoffs make more sense.

The ChatBot competition is intense. Personally I have converted to, Geo, as well as ChatGPT for the bulk  of my googling-without-google. The Geo lineup of chatbots gives the best hint as to why:

Also what Makes Poe attractive is the convenient availability of 5 other chatbots. However, I keep Google and DuckDuckGo handy because they allow me to check the chatbot lines and to have look ups with data from the latest month or year’s worth of info which the chatbots may not have.. Meanwhile, here is one viewpoint on the contest between Google Bard and Microsoft/OpenAI ChatGPT. And via, here is another viewpoint:
A New York Times article titled “How Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant Lost the AI Race” suggests that these digital assistants were optimized for simple tasks like setting alarms and playing music , but failed to keep up with the more complex needs of users. It suggests that ChatGPT’s ability to understand natural language and provide more nuanced responses could give it an advantage over existing assistants.”

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