Google vs Apple – the iPad Factor

The announcement today of the the Apple iPad really brings into sharp focus the emerging Google vs Apple battle coming up – especially in Mobile markets. Google is taking an open approach using open Android+open Chrome OS as Linux derived operating systems. And the use of open HTML in ChromeOS for plugins plus support for Adobe Flash means a shipload of software can be downloaded easily into apps on Google devices.

Meanwhile, Apple has widened its lead in two respects. Its iPad=iPhone4g is bigger and better than any device that Google and vendors are offering. Second, its number of applications continues to grow exponentially – up to 140,000 from 100k in just a month’s time. Many vendors use iPhone apps as loss leaders into their full products especially if they run on a Mac or PC. Developers are making money on the iPhone and will do so on iPad. Now, Book publishers have a eReader platform in which they can do so as well. Not yet Google.

So look at the battle lines – Google – open standards in OS and plugins, many hardware vendors, no cut on software sales, Web software for plugins. Apple – everything closed, but big leads on size of device and number of apps. Question – does Win Mobile 7 stand a chance now?

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  1. I genuinely really like the Ipad. That is one of the finest expenditures I’ve ever made. It could be slightly costly, nevertheless it is unquestionably worth it. It’ll complete almost everything that I needed it to complete. I can’t wait to discover the things they have intended for enhancements in the foreseeable future.

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