I Got IT Wrong

In my coverage of BI and the SAP/Business Object acquisition, I conjectured that Cognos and MicroStrategy could not stand alone too much longer against the onslaught of freebie BI giveaways by Microsoft notably bit also Oracle and IBM. So I hypothesized that HP or Sun might want to take the plunge because BI is still where the action is in enterprise software development. This is because BI better than SOA and Web 2.0 can and does more often generate positive IT project ROIs due to the closeness of BI to describing where and how to make better sales and servicing decisions.

IBM Buys Cognos

So you will see a lot more of these screenshots from your IBM salesmen and IT shops. And on second consideration – admittedly after the IBM acquisition fact, the Microsoft Windows, and Web 2.0 savvy of the Cognos BI software is a nifty fit into the portals and report-writing of IBMs BPM -Business Process Management and ECM-Enterprise Content Management software offerings. It will be interesting to see if IBM does a Tivoli/Notes or an Ascential/Blox in incorporating Cognos into the ever expanding IBM Enterprise Software lineup. Meanwhile, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa (2 more than Bill Gates for his stifling of Win 2.0 innovations).