Regular Keep an Open Eye Eye Sir  readers will note a lot of changes to the styles and themes of the the blog in the last few weeks. I am in the midst of making some large architectural changes and so I am benchmarking  different themes and tracking their “live performance” in the background to make a better over all choice.  Please bear with me.

Much of the architectural work is being done offline using the new WordPress 3.0 beta[lots of new goodies here]. But the online experience and performance live is essential – so users are guinea pigs to an extent. My apologies. By the way the current theme EXTize uses the EXTjs JavaScript framework and is a good demo of how performant that tool is and how well it behaves with WordPress’ jQuery JavaScript framework.  So bear with me for the the next few weeks – I think users will like the results.

However if you have any problems with a theme in your browser please add a comment below.