Larry Seltzer has issued a warning to Windows users – your support will be terminated in early July 2006. Oh that is all Windows 9X and ME users. Here is Larrys take on the situation:
“Expecting Microsoft to still patch Win9x (by which I mean Windows 98, Windows 98SE and Windows ME) is like expecting Chrysler to still make parts for a 65 Dodge Dart. Even if safety is at issue, enough is enough. Buy a new car or computer already.”

Larry is being very kind to Microsoft and somewhat cavalier to his readers and Windows 9X users. Larry should have recommended some alternatives. Since he didnt I will.

If you are a casual user of computers – word processing, games plus entertainment, email plus web browsing and maye one or two other applications then you should switch to Linux – Knoppix, Xandros or Linspire are the 3 versions which are most user friendly and dead simple to install on a Windows PC. Buy the bopks and get theLinux software with installation instructions plus tips for running all the key software. And it is an easy install – and will do all of the above with ease. You will be pleased with the results.

If you are a power user, consider switching to Apple with the MacBook and other Intel line. You will not have to cut the cord from Windows completely – with Apples Boot Camp providing a security blanket connectin to Windows.

If you have to stick to Windows avoid the new Vista (huge hardware ugrade required, lots of first time bugs to be expected in the new OS) and just get the existing Windows XP – but the switch to Firefox web browser and Open Office for wordprocessing, spreadsheet, wonderful presentations, and a great database system all for free download and compatible with all the old Microsoft office file formats.

Just trying to fill in the gaps – Larrys awfully busy tracking down all the malaware, IE bugs, security problems surrounding Windows XP of late so he probably didnt have time to give you this quick series of tips.

(c)JBSurveyer 2006