Microsoft Attitude Toward Web Standards

So then in 1997 to defeat Netscape Browser and Server, Bill made a promise to US Business Leaders – Microsoft in IE and IIS would implement all the W3C and other Internet standards. It is a promise he and Microsoft religiously never kept. Rather, he and his IE Troopers used outright sabotage [Java corruption; incomplete and proprietary DOM, JavaScript and HTML; stone walling on W3C recommendations; etc, etc] and 5-6 years of no feature updates to IE.

Dean Hachamovitch is his longstanding head hacker of IE and Web standards. Thank you Dean. Thank you Bill. Even Steve Ballmer is going and gone at Redmond but not Web Whacker Supremo, Dean Hachamovitch. Nearly 20 years later and Microsoft has not figured out how to capture or effectively cripple the Web; so they continue their slow motion sabotage. HTML5 is the latest Web Standards victim.

The evidence of Microsoft negligence is clear cut and can be seen in the comparison of the 5 major browsers.

This “HTML5 Support by Microsoft” tells you about the continuing animosity towards Web Developments harbored in Redmond. jQuery, Modernizr and other JavaScript and CSS tools [think LESS and SCSS among others ] are actively used to fill Redmond’s HTML, DOM, CSS, JavaScript gaps and proprietary “extensions”. And now just as Opera embraced Webkit, Apple and Google appears to be embarking on proprietary excursions. Nonetheless, this pic tells you why in this vast Internet market, Apple and Google, no ethical angels themselves, still have much more Web credence than Microsoft.

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