Mozilla WebMaker Project: Xray-Goggles

Mozilla WebMaker Project is an endeavor to get more people programming and using the Web in a variety of ways. It is generally well intended but has some mixed software made available to budding web developers. I will have a separate write up on Thimble for creating Web pages. But the Hackasaurus Xray-Googles is review worthy right away.

Think of Xray-Goggles as a Mozilla version of FireBug-lite. It will certainly spark the interest of amateur and a few professional Web developers. Just go to this link and you can get your first trial with Xray Goggles. Tap” H” to see what commands are available. You can temprarily  “fix” any web page with your own customizations. For those who have their own websites, they can fix the webpages dynamically soon or through a sequence of  copy, paste, save, and FTP right now. As a Web debugging pro this Xray Goggle version of Firebug-lite is useful for quickly sleuthing out HTML+CSS problems without the overhaed of having to get Firebug fully up to speed.

Try the following and see if you like it:
[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”480″] And if you like it install it as a bookmarklet with these instructions.

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