No PhotoPea in Advanced Image Editor

The Advanced File Manager plugin has two nagging probles. First, its Dark Mode theme titling disappears on hovering over a file. Second, Advanced File Manafger promises PhotoPea image editing But PhotoPea fails to show up.

Trying to open the advanced edit, users right-mouse click on an image to open image processing options. The Open  and Preview options just show the image in a popup viewer. Resize & Rotate  brings up the simple image edit popup. However the Advanced File Manager plugin does not popup PhotoPea. This is important because  Media Library image editing  is a much easier task with PhotoPea being available. I  can testify to this as I use the app for fast image edits.

But I dont see a way to transfer one of my WordPress  image files over to either of these apps – or to restore the edited image back into the Media Library except by tedious download , process and then upload steps. So being able to edit Media Library image files with PhotoPea using the Advanced Image Editor  is a recommendation I would like to make at my Toronto WordPress Meetup Group.

Now as seen in the screenshot, the plugin Filester is able to open WordPress Media files for advanced direct image editing:

And see how PhotoPea advanced direct image editing works  on WordPress Media image files:
There is one problem with display of PhotoPea in Filester. The Photopea canvas is truncated on the left – cutting off the File menuitem and the vertical taskbar which  controls many of the PhotoPea commands. This occurs on Chrome, Brave and Firefox browser on a Windows 10 PC with latest Microsoft updates

PhotoPea editing presents an advantage for WordPress Graphic Designers as seen in the resulting image below:

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