NYTimes and Mobile Connections

In a previous posting,on our media site [Bookraft.com],  the NYTimes was praised for its Web 2.0 savvy; but what I neglected to mention was the many mobile phone options available from the Old Lady with all the News fit to print. So this screen shot summarizes what is available from the NYTimes is a single screenshot summary:

As can be seen here, the NYTimes is offering [so far], three mobile phone apps that allow readers to search and read  stories on the Times with greater ease. Surprisingly, The Blackberry has the most NYTimes apps. Also the Times Crossword and Sudoku are available. Last, NYTimes has a deal making its Offline/Online Adobe Air Times Reader available with a discount for the Netbook that user can use to read the Times.

Now if the NYTimes could just get the social media/networking side of this online interaction question right – then the Old Lady would be worth investing in.

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