Oracle:Left Coast Big Blue

I thought of titling this posting as “Sam P. ? Is that  a Sunny Yolk on  You?”  – but I didn’t. Instead I would like to ask Barrons to reconsider elevating Sam P. to the exhalted ranks of Best of Barrons CEOs. Also I would like to ask the IBM Board to riddle me this – how could you let Oracle become a total IT systems juggernaut with positions in Java, Storage technology, Servers Systems, consulting and a total  cross platform software stack that puts your precarious positions in Cloud Computing, RAIA, and total system integration in jeopardy. Gosh guys – Java, MySQL, and Solaris are worth the 9.50/share price of admission alone.

NYTimes and the Street are admitting  the software is a gem.   And look at what Oracle is saying  they are going to do – grow the hardware side of the business. You betcha – Oracle has now become the Enterprise Samurai that HP,  Microsoft, and Cisco have coveted being and courted for many years. Big Blue spurned Sun and instead spawned a fiercely competitive  Enterprise Juggernaut (and do you think the Sun folks are going to want to splatter some more yellow revenge on Big Blue Sam P. ?). All I can say is dumb dumb de dumb dumb.

Update: Checkout what Infoworld’s Neil McAllister said about the Sun-Oracle fit on April 9th, 2009

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