Sample of HTML5, jQuery, and CMS

Checkout the layout of this page

The Natural Woven Blinds page is an example of HTML5 with jQuery in the wild. If you click on the image you will see a lot of the sophisticated HTML5/CSS3 nifty tricks on display. There may be more life in HTML5/CSS3 than ye Keep an Open Eye editors figured. Here are some of the goodies picked up from the View Source examination:

1)Closable header menu – jQuery and HTML 5/CSS3
2)Feedback sidebar tab  with closable poput modal  window that darken background and awaits user response-  jQuery
3)Reverse Tab menu at bottom of image for options like colours, liners, carefree options, etc – jQuery or HTML5??
4)Two strategically placed rounded buttons for buying in eCommerce CMS and next page operations.

The response time for the graphics, particularly the Slide Viewer on the Photo page were a bit slow; but otherwise this is a polished site taking advantage of Web 2.0 and starting to use more HTML5 elements. No Canvas or SVG code – but that may take awhile as JavaScript frameworks like jQuery and EXTjs have almost preempted the need for many Canvas/SVG tasks except the most dynamic. Also the Web development world awaits an HTML5 savvy editor going well beyond Aptana Studio 3 or Dreamweaver CS5. If you know of such an upcoming editor, please add it to the comments.

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