CSS Animation Triggers

A recent post on another blog shows how fast CSS3 is now evolving with a)better free online support tools b)more uniform W3C CSS & CSS3 standards implementation by all the browser vendors and c) some useful transition and animation features  to add to a Web Designers repertoire. However, the examples shown have used the :Hover pseudo-element …

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Dropcaps CSS

Dropcaps in CSS are always “fun” to do for 3 reasons. First, the CSS seems easy enough to do. Use a float styling in a SPAN. Or use a :first-line:first:letter pseudo-class to style not just the first letter but also the first line of text as well. The second reason dropcaps are “fun”is because then you …

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CSS3: More Triggers

CSS3 has unleashed the animation and active transformation capabilities of CSS in general. But much of this CSS should have been available 10 years ago if web browser vendors had been more prompt and uniform in their simple CSS standards implementation [think a very delinquent Microsoft IE even after a second promise from BIll Gates …

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