There has been a revolution in thinking over the past 50 years. How rationalizations is colored. The dual nature of Decision making. And better processes for thinking in general. The following set of presentationa and talks highlight some of these thinking insights.

But there is also a revolution in creating smart UI interfaces in WordPress. PageBuilder tools like Beaver Builder, Divi, Elementor and Thrive Architect have prebuilt UI widgets for all types of fronted data entry and control tasks. On this page UI widgets for selectively masking/hiding page content  from users. But the key is that masked/hidden content can be unveiled with a single click – Tabs, Toggles, Accordions and Content Switches deliver the GUI Presto Magic.

Carousels and sliders also provide Tab-like capability but until recently slides only allowed single images or videos with captioning. But newer sliders now can contain data objects and CPT-custom Post Types, extending display options.

Tabs are a robust UI widget so long as the number of display  options are 5 or fewer.2

On the Shaping of Perception

Perceptions shape attitudes and behavior. Here is the basic theory from Organizational Behavior
As you listen or watch your perception process involves  filling-in-the-blanks – anticipating what will be said or will happen. How does bias and disposition shape the “perceived” reality.
What othes think of you depends on how  the brain perceives other people . This is shaped by a wide array of social triggers.
Magic relies on tiny deceptions of perceptions. Or are they tiny?

There is a problem with the Elementor Toggle widget -one cannot control options for display of a toggle item . For example, I would like to have the second toggle item opened when the toggle is loaded. I also would like to control whether a toggle item is closed when another toggle item is opened. The revised Toggle widget in Thrive Architect gives users this control.

Next let us consider the Accordion Widget that looks a lot like the Toggle widget. It should have the following control behaviors. First, one should be able to indicate  that one accordion be  open on load of the entire accordion. Second, when a user clicks to open a new accordion item, the previous active accrordion is collapsed and closed. The bad news for Elementor is that it does not work that way.

Game theory provides an mathematical underpining to analyzing competitive versus co-operative games. This theory is only a staring point as the elements of a game situation can change rapidly and become more complex.
Game Theory has influenced war strategy profoundly in the past centory. MAD-Mutually Assured Destruction is a component of Infinite Game strategy as seen here:
Co-operative games such as Business have wrestled with what is fair- and given womens wages for equivalent work or top executives pay level multiples versus their workets  – Fair has been stretched. See what the math says here.

The problem with the Elementor Accordion widget is that it appears to be a duplicate of the Toggle  widget – no discernible special features.. And when we checked with the Pro Happy Elementor add-ons, again some more advanced styling but no collapse/ control options. Too bad.


Problem Solving  is the source of some novel heuristics but also elaborate detailed strategies. Here are two of those views for the reecord.

Simple Problem Heuristics
A Method for Wicked Problem Solving

Successful problem solving involves thinking ouside of the box. Here is exact example:

The Content Toggle works like two Image Widgets available in our collection of Elementor add-ons.- The Flip Card/Box widget and the Before/After Image display. If your choice is binary, the Content Toggle can be easy to use and effective.


This page has shown how effective UI Content widgets can be in managing scarce page display resources. All of the content widgets shown allow visiters to find the subject details they want in a single click. behind the scene lazy loading further reduces page response times. Finally. in its coverage of the Coronavirus, the NYTimes has used Tabs and Toggles in some of its stories. As well, like on this page there has been use of a second, sticky menu to make navigation to specific articles of interest more convenient.

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