Have you ever said to yourself “I have got to cleanup the WordPress Admin area and menus and then did nothing? Well here are 3 plugins that are free, easy to use and make your WordPress Admin  better suited to your needs.

WP Custom Admin Interface   free with a 4.4 rating provides very handy point and click interface for modifying your Admin sidebar and title bar- definitely view the video to see how easily it is done.
This developer has deleted the Plugin Editor, Theme Editor, Link Categories menuitems while moving Pages to the top of the sidebar followed by Posts and Plugins. Because it is so easy to make changes, my Admin area will see more tuning in the next few weeks.

HideDashboardNotifications 4.9 rating does just that, eliminating all of the nagging messages littered across the WordPress Admin area, Installed Plugins screen,AllUsers screen and a host of other WordPress Admin pages.

The good news is that users can reveal the hidden notifications and cull out the nags using the Admin toolbar – Notifications option. Let me say it is pleasurer to have my WP Admin area free of nags.

Default Admin Color Scheme allows administrators  to set finally  default color scheme for the admin title and sidebar. By going to Settings | Geneeral and turning off “Users can select their own color scheme” and then the sitewide Admin color scheme can be selected and set for all users. It is surprising how this issue can arise among users.

Now there other Admin Area plugins but they average $50-90/year offering more login and admin menu controls or better editing options for the Admin area widgets. But given the land rush among plugins for control of the admin dashboard and menus plus the  rapid changes in how themes and FSE Themebuilders work, I recommend sticking with mostly free admin plugins for now.