It is prudent to be from Missouri about Windows 7. Yes, the advertising and many of the IT pundit websites are saying things like “The best Windows ever since Windows XP”, but still not its equal in speed and performance from current tests. Also these sound like the same praise poured on Vista less than 2 years ago. But  lets face it, Microsoft is supporting a Windows XP mode of operation within Windows 7 precisely because Windows XP’s breadth of applications and hardware/peripheral compatibility will never be matched by Windows 7. Call it the XP Crutch.

Also  the other underlying issue is that Windows 7 will not be People Ready for all those users clinging to a faster and more reliable Windows XP . These XP users will have a significant learning curve transitioning from XP to Windows 7. Hence predictions for transition to Windows 7 are not rosy. But there may be a “magic touch” that will lure both home and business users to Windows 7touchscreen operations with multi-touch capabilities.

HP certainly thinks so and is launching an armada of touch enabled desktops and semi-laptops with those capabilities.  This touch-screen lure and a good teaching program may make Windows 7 much more palatable; even given that it will likely be slower than Windows XP. This could be the breakthru “glitz” for Windows 7.

More interesting – look who is outside looking in on client OS multi-touch  innovation – Apple!

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