Ultrabook Touchscreen Scam

Its the dog days of summer, PC sales are flat or declining, and Windows 8 is a long 3 months away for retailers. So what is the latest scam – selling Ultrabooks with admittedly much improved battery life,  improvements in weight and size, mixed improvements in performance as the PC steal deal. Minor problem. Many of the Ultrabooks lack touchscreen capabilities or even touchpads. So when Windows 8 hits the streets in Mid October, will your brand new Ultrabook be able to run Windows 8? It will; but even though  Microsoft will upgrade your Windows 7 for free + shipping charges that new Ultrabook will not support touchscreen operations.

So the scam is does your new Summer   Ultrabook [or  laptop or workstation PC] support touch screen operations? Not likely, because the PC vendors are delaying intro of touchscreen PCs essential for Windows 8 until the Windows 8 launch. And the reason is simple – touchscreens add $100-150 to the price of the ultrabook or PC. You can check this by going to the popular PC sites like BestBuy or Dell and entering  touchscreen in the search [just that  or you get garbage results]. At best, only workstation PCs show up.

So is this Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook with Goilla Glass touchscreen enabled?


Caveat emptor – especially in the summer doldrums.

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