Windows Server 64bit Delayed 6 months

This is big news for Linux , Sun, IBM, HP and AMDWindows 2003 64bit is delayed until this time next year – July 2005. For AMD it is certainly a blow because it could use all the forward moment in the market it can get for its 64bit chip line. But for Sun, IBM and Linux vendors this provides an opportunity to get much bigger penetration into markets held by Dell/Microsoft. For example, databased Windows NT 4 shops looking for a place to go may find Opteron 64bit system from HP, IBM or Sun coupled with very attractively priced Oracle or DB2 too compelling to ignore – especially if they are already Oracle or IBM in the database. Suns Java Studio Creator with its easy database connectivity, Web Services, and smooth GUI operations has a real chance to shine. Astute Linux vendors have an opportunity to get a sizable lead in the 64bit server market. Or … they could play it safe and expand end-of-the-line high-end hardware and software ….

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