WP Simple Booking Calendar

Calendar plugins are vital to a number of scheduling and booking applications. But the problem is that like in the case of Slider and PageBuilder plugins, most of the free calendar plugins have a barebones set of features. Users have to buy a premium plugin to handle their most common use cases:

  1. Need for multiple custom calendars
  2. Ability to display multiple months of one calendar
  3. Support user customized legends for each calendar
  4. Support calendar widgets that can be posted to multiple pages or posts or widgets
  5. Provide simple calendar update procedures

Perhaps the most important feature is to have a calendar that supports a simple, straightforward updates. Enter WP Simple Booking Calendar which meets all five of the basic calendaring needs and in particular a simple calendar update process

WP Simple Booking Calendar .

Talk about simplicity, WP Simple Booking Calendar provides two simple methods to update calendars. The first is line by line calendar changes:
book1Getting started is straight forward as as seen in the screenshot – click on WP Simple Booking Calendar and then Calendars. Next at  the Calendars screen you choosewhich  calendar you want to edit: and click on it.

Now you are in the calendar  editor where you can do a line by line edit. In this case we want to schedule the Gregorys for 5 days from August 1st to 6th in the Bunkie:
book2aWhen you do a line by line edit you go to each day, change the pulldown from Available to Booked and add the Gregorys name to the Details. As you fill in each line the display calendar changes color for each day entered. Note you can use special Changeover day if you want or you can remove it from the Legend if not needed].

So here is how the day by day edit looks for the final day edit.
book2bAnd here is the resulting Bunkie calendar on display on all the Pages and Posts it is used on:

So this is the simple, line by line calendar edit.

WP Simple Booking  Calendar – Automated Edit

For bookings that extend over weeks or even months, Booking Calendar provides a convenient automated form to fill in the values:
bookautoThe automated for is found just below the legend in the Calendar editor. Fill in the Start Date and then the End Date using the pulldowns as shown in the screen shot above. Change the Status to Booked  and the Booking Details to Gregorys. Then to  enter all the values, click on the the Apply Changes button. And you are done.

Legend Changes

Users can change the legend for each calendar. All users have to do is click the Edit Legend button:
Users can edit any  legend iem, change the order of the legend items, change the he color. In the example we add a new Cleaning Day legend item:
booklegendJust fill in the legend item title, choose the color by enter the color code or clicking on the color code field and a color picker will popup for click and pick convenience. Thn be sure to Save Changes. Here is the resulting Calendar editor after adding the new legend item:
booklegendchangedNote that the legend now shows a Cleaning Day and that it is also available in the Status pulldown.


So WP Simple Booking Calendar lives up to its name. Users can create as many calendars as they want and each calendar can be shown in 1,2,3,or more months display. There is fine control over the legend’s colors and labels including provision for two color legends. But these calendars are for display only users are responsible for making the bookings in the Calendar editor. I have yet to find a calendar that automates the booking process. WP Simple Booking Calendar is perfect for apps with 1-10 calendars associated with property or equipment rental. And at  $30US it provides unlimited website usage.

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