Tracking the Pace of Web Change

One year ago did a review of WordPress Under Duress. Since then the Pace of Web Change has picked up: Internet and then Social Media are now used by 2/3rds of the World’s population; hacking growing to a $10trillion business by 2025; new IOT devices for instant display present opportunity and security worries; and AI despite exploitation and misinformations dangers is showing hockey stick growth. And as a result Web Development is a whole new ballgame for all the players tracks the latest trends in Web Development with emphasis on low cost, easy to use, and Open Source tools. Leading toolsets followed here include Bootstrap, Foundation, Svelte, Vue 3 and WordPress.

Here is a study by WPEngine on the WordPress Economy
[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”400″]

CyberAttacks are the new reality. in the World of Computing.

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