2008: Technology to Watch For

Here are 5 technologies that will bring profound system change in2008 – note that no order of import is implied in this list:

1)Wimax gets delivered in 2008 with both bandwidth and accessibility enhanced for both private and open networks. The rollout will enable competing mobile and notebook technologies for consumer attention and investment dollars.

2)Touch screen and gesture technology a la the iPhone will get bigger screens, more robust pointer technology, and better storage, memory, and CPU power. Some major changes in hardware and software vendor positioning could occur starting 2008 into 2009.

3)Printing get 1200DPI, color, at true 25PPM or better print rates with Array and Edgleine printing inkjets from HP and other major vendors at prosumer prices. The revolution in imaging presentation will continue to expand exponentially.

4)Storage technologies will see unprecedented evirtualization, controller, and efficency improvements over last yaers encryption and compression technologies (see here for some of the leading technologies)