Apple: Be Careful What You Wish For

Peter Burrows at Business Week has written the definitive article on why you dont impeach Dubya to get rid of his soaring incompetence – hes got Dick Cheney protection. Likewise for those wishing for an Apple surge on the desktop with the intro of MacOS Leopard and perhaps an iTablet PC to steal big chunks of PC desktop market share from the beast that is Redmond and Vista – be careful what you wish for. Steve Jobs is in the same 80-90% market share mold as Bill Gates (“my win means everybody else has to lose“). And as Peter points out, Steve Jobs just does not know “win-win” as part of his business strategy.

It is interesting that more thinking is going beyond Economist Joseph Schumpeters upheaval hypothesis. This theory suggests that dominant firms and even monopolists get replaced as they find themselves so heavily invested in some aspects of the status quo they cant make the transition to new paradigms and emerging markets which are part and parcel of our new economies. Look at Bill Gates and his twice fumbled Web strategy. The alternative might be best viewed as Non-zerosum point of view of Robert Wright or others looking for more slack in better responding systems theory. Whatever the direction of the argument, both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates appear to be two peas in a pod in terms of their zero-sum strategies – so caveat emptor and do read the view on Apples lack of win-win – or why Steve is a Dick….uhhh Cheney.

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