Owls Show

The Owls are Coming!
Great Horned Owls! Eurasian Hawk Owls?
Get up-close and personal with the Owls from The Centre for the Conservation of Specialized Species starting at 11AM on Saturday, May 26.

Vourneen “Buff” Jack Memorial Center (Victoria Park)


The Centre for the Conservation of Specialized Species:

Christopher Ketola of the Centre will be providing educational demonstrations utilizing Owls on Saturday, May 26 at Apple Blossom Tyme Festival beginning at 11AM.Established in 1987, the Centre is dedicated to the propagation and reintroduction of threatened and endangered species.

The Centre is home to approximately 60 to 100 birds of prey from 17 different species including Eagles, Owls, Hawks and Falcons. Most of the birds suffered injuries in the wild and have been rehabilitated but were not releasable.

The Centre for the Conservation of Specialized Species is a registered charity and relies upon public and private donations to fund all its conservation efforts. All funds received go directly towards the care and propagation of the species they work with, so please be generous with your support. The Centre is dedicated to captive breeding as an insurance policy against extinction. For more information, please go towww.conservationcentre.org