Cloud Computing Drivers: AJAX Frameworks

It can be argued that  JavaScript AJAX Frameworks are leading software development right now. This is not just UI Web development but the whole tenor of software being developed. Open, agile developing that is cross browser, OS, and database/web server platforms are the regular mashup targets of more developers. And the primary development software they

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Virtually Speaking

My what a difference a year makes. The trends on viirtualization have reflected the markets – and not quite 180 degreee changes but drastic revivals are the order of the day. Just take a look at Serverwatch’s 2008 predictions versus the assessment for the year ahead at ZDnet for 2009. Perhaps a stop at Information

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JavaScript 2/ECMAScript 4 Delayed-Means Forking Inevitable?

I have previously commented on the importance of JavaScript to Adobe and Web 2.o in general – so it is very notable that work on ECMAScript 4 has been partitioned or delayed depending on who you consult. Clearly there is a functional and learning burden making the shift up to JavaScript 2/ECMAScript 4 – just

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Flash Turnover

I have been maintaining that the rate of change in the computing industry in both hardware and software technology is just increasing slowly, surely and stressfully. I would like to use Flash from Adobe by way of Macromedia as an example. But just take a look at Visual Studio, Oracle DBMS or Intuit QuickBook versions.

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