New Surge Performance Plugin

This banner headline at WP Tavern recently caught my attention. Surge: A New Page Caching Plugin for WordPress with No Configuration Required Having just done a WordPress Meetup featuring WordPress performance plugins, one that delivered performance tuning without having to do any tinkering with performance settings – this was of keen interest. So the logical step […]

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Online Diagramming Apps

Online Diagram apps are bringing full-feature Flowchart and Diagramming to online users. There is almost a surplus of diagramming systems available to users  with tools like[no limit free edition], [$10US/month/user, 7day free trial],, [$10US/month/user, no time limit free edition], [$8US/month/user, 14day free trial] and [$4US/month/user, 14day free trial]. This mark the

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New Google Fonts

What? New Google Fonts! Yes, there are now 804 free and well chosen Google Fonts available to web developers [up from 708] and a new, improved interface. Ye editor finally relented at the end of May to do a review of the Google Fonts online app; but just waiting a couple of weeks later would reveal  a

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Adobe Spurs Open Source

 Recently Adobe was in a disastrous,  market threatening  position – a major consumer software vendor that had to defend itself from the tyranny of Apple, Microsoft, and Google’s OS + App Store monopolies. These OS market share pinnacles allow arbitrary exclusion [Apple’s infamous Flash ban on iOS], OS API update dependencies or vulnerabilities [again, used in

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The Fate of Bill Gates

Reuters started the ball rolling earlier this week saying the 3 of the top 20 Microsoft shareholders raised the question of whether Bill Gates should be replaced as Chairman of Microsoft. Now Bill’s 5% holding of Microsoft stock is the largest but the 3 dissident  shareholders have a combined holding that is slightly larger. And

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Web Browser Market Share

Usage share of desktop browsers for June 2013 Source Chrome Internet Explorer Firefox Safari Opera Other StatCounter 42.68% 25.44% 20.01% 8.39% 1.03% 2.44% Clicky 38.92% 29.08% 21.22% 9.28% 1.17% 0.32% W3Counter 32.60% 21.70% 19.50% 15.40% 2.20% 8.60% NetApplications 17.17% 56.15% 19.15% 5.55% 1.58% 0.40% Wikimedia 46.02% 20.47% 17.71% 3.10% 5.45% 7.25% The following table is

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Whose Muckier – Windows 8 RT, Apple iOS, Google Android?

Google Plus is a great place for discussing technology trends. Here is an example: ZDNet’s Steven Vaughn-Nichols picks up a Wayne Rash post who in turn is commenting on how eMail support may be one of the reasons behind Windows 8 Surface RT [the ARM version of Windows hardware ] flagging sales and relatively high return  

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Chinese Hack Attack Super Highway

The spate of recent Chinese hacks into major US media at NYTimes and the Wall Street Journal among others  are a cogent reminder of how vulnerable US organizations and institutions are to Chinese Hack attacks. The underlying problem is the Chinese hack attacks on Google in 2009-2010 revealed that the Chinese hackers likely have the complete Internet Explore

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Computing’s Big 3 and the Continuing Dissatisfaction with Microsoft

When proposing that Windows 8 would be a smash hit, the highly negative reaction to Windows 8  I discovered on commentary sites like Reddit  and Digg was a bit surprising. Many of the reactions to Windows 8  were pure scorn. It appears that Microsoft  has a lot of make-up still to do for such sore points as

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Google Dart Update

Google’s Dart has been designed to shore-up JavaScript for large scale programming. Google argues that by tuning up the syntax of JavaScript and borrowing C-like contructs Dart can be made to scale and perform better than JavaScript.. The current version of the Dart Editor: Note there is no UI objects or Visual Editor for Dart

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On the Verge of Greatness – LeapMotion’s 3D Touch Tool

TheVerge gadget website finally caught onto to what theOpenSourcery readers have known about 3 weeks ago. The next dynamite NUI-Natural User Interface that is going to sweep the Consumer Computing scene is LeapMotion’s SuperKinect, 3D pointer tool which will hopefully do away with  both the mouse and  all variety’s of trackpads in the near future..

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Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface : Linux Last PC Opportunity?

The DOJ-Department of Justice when it won its Antitrust case against Microsoft  also lost it at that moment because the officials involved had not agreed on a remedy for controling Microsoft.  In the end it was $3 billion in fines and kid glove  supervision by the Bush DOJ for 5 years. However, one remedy which

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Google Blockly, MIT Scratch, and Google to MIT App Inventor

There is a family tree here its just not obvious who inherited exactly what. Lets Start with App Inventor, the Google program developed with the Media Lab at MIT. App Inventor  is designed to allow anyone, including people unfamiliar with computer programming, to create software applications for the Android operating system (OS). It uses a graphical interface, drag and drop operations

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Google Blockly – A Visual Programming Language

In a week when Apple continued to go thermonuclear against anything Google and Microsoft continued to steer Windows 8 astray, Google announces Blockly a visual programming language and  computer programming learning tool. Here is a screenshot of Blockly in action: The Blockly demo of a Maze solver is a wickedly tough programming task because users

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The Next Wave of NUI – Natural User Interfaces

New Devices+UI Software that change the UI game decisively are starting to come to market. They are referred to as Natural User Interfaces or PostWIMP – succeeding GUI interfaces that use WIMP- Windows Icons Menus and Pointers. There is a whole community of different Natural User Interface designs from Tangible UI that have inspired the Microsoft

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Goofle Gmail Fixes

Goofle is the name ye Editor has given to Google when it makes a big, stupid error in it software offerings. Google has made a big deal of its recent interface updates to Gmail. But they have have been legion with goofs very large and unnecessary and raise the question where is interface guru MM

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Dart for JavaScript

[iframe width=”100%” height=”600″ src=””] With Flash and Flex taking big hits as Adobe appears to be bowing under the pressure from Apple and Microsoft , getting to know Google’s Dart is going to be more important. Why? Because HTML5 is going to becarrying the load for not just Webbut also cross platform applications now that

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Google Gmail Goofle

About Gmail’s new look did you know that Google had $2.8 billion dollars to spend on improving Gmail last quarter for its new look released November 7th.. About Gmail’s new look, for the first time ever, ye Editor finds himself saying that it looks like the new look is an old Microsoft ploy – dazzle them with

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Apple iPhone 4S versus Samsung Nexus Galaxy – Xmas Battle

This Christmas there will be a war between Apple’s iOS5 powered iPhone 4S versus the Andorid 4 powered Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This will be the second major challenge to Apple CEO  Tim Cook as iPad gets challenged in tablets by low price Kindle Fire and the Tegra-powered Tranformer Prime.  These challenges are real because of

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Preview: Appsbar for creating Apple iOS and Google Android Mobile Apps for FREE has a nifty capability – Appsbar  allows users to create iPhone iOS apps and Google Android apps on the Web for free.Sound incredible –  but as the screen shot shows below Appsbar provide a workspace, design templates and a wizard to guide users through all the step required to build a mobile app. Lets

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Google Plus – Best Software of 2011

Google Plus/Google+ has provoked a lot reactions among Social Media users. After all Google+ is deemed the best challenger to Facebook for all those consumer eyeballs [700 million worldwide and growing for Facebook]and Web time [a Facebook session average 4-5 times longer than a Google session].Yet ye Editor has been cagey after the disasters that were 

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Google Apps Versus Microsoft Office 365

Two reviews catch the changed landscape for Microsoft in the Cloud. Information Week sees Google Apps ahead of Office 365 on 4 telling counts, Gartner is more cautious about the features but sees some problems; and the Guardian sees improved features over BPOS, the proceeding Microsoft Office Suite available on the Web. But no one clearly answers

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Google Plus is ++

Dave Winer is yawning at Google Plus, the new social sharing service offering from Mountain View[what happens to Google’s Orkut??]. Dave says it is just a personal peeve between Google top brass and Facebook top brass. Ye Editor has moved from MySpace to Flickr to  Fotki to Facebook never quite satisfied among existing Web/Social Sharing

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