Chrome OS Questions

Chrome OS has generated more questions than answers since its announcement. And the questions [doubts] are relevant:
1)InfoWorld – Will Chrome OS collapse under the weight of its own Web browser?
2)Information Week – describes several challenges including Desktop/Cloud integration
3)Information Week – good analysis of the strategy/positioning of Chrome OS
4)PCAdvisor – Is Chrome OS bad for Google Android ?
5)ITPro – Is Chrome OS bad for Linux?
These are just a few of the legitimate questions that have percolated up in the past few weeks. My favorites are how will Chrome OS beat such great “instant-on” utilities such as SplashUp or Dell Latitude ON among some very good offerings? Or how well will Chrome OS deliver device and peripheral support? Well sometime between September and maybe  mid November of the 9th year of the 21st century, Google has promised to release its Chrome OS beta as Open Source – and a lot of questions will get real software to be compared and worked with.

Now as a matter of interest, Windows Azure, Microsoft’s Cloud-based OS has a similar release date window. Azure is the opposite of Chrome OS – it is a server side OS similar to Amazon EC2– Elastic Cloud Computing services.  It seems Microsoft will be delivering a Cloud solution similar to Amazons existing and popular SaaS offering – a cloud service OS accessed through a browser and some special development apps.  Now what is Google doing – changing/expanding that browser interface with Chrome OS? Just another question awaiting Chrome OS beta.

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