CNETs Big Picture

CNET is often too much like its near namesake, CNN, for my liking. Too headline oriented at times, missing the depth in some stories. But give the CNET editors top marks for some of their innovations in getting the news out on Tech Stories. The latest can be seen in the screenshot below:
CNET Big Picture
CNET calls it the Big Picture and is it ever well named. The Big Picture shows stories available on CNET related to the story you are currently reading. Very useful.

It shows the companies involved, but also related topics and stories. Click on a topic or company and you can either center on that subject or open the underlying story. See the bottom right of the screenshot where we have done so. I have seen other variations on this theme, Visual Thesaurus comes to mind, but none as well done as, the technology people behind the Big Picture have managed to deliver. It is fast and easy to use. I certainly hope to see more of this around.

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