Craigslist Polizei “Victory”

The Craigslist Polizei have won – they have removed, deleted, trashed another of my ads:

Now if you go here you will see what was going to be so offending to the General Community of Toronto that the Craigslist Polizei so successfully defended the community mores against. Go here to try figure out how the above ad violated the Craigslist Terms of Use. Now I challenge you to figure what was the offending terms given a)the nature of the ad and b)some very similar ads appearing on the same site day in and day out and c)how just about any ad could qualify and readily be declared”VERBOTEN” by the Craigslist Polizei

But dont bother. If you go to the Criagslist forum you can see that pettiness reigns. The Craigslist Polizei were successful – they drove another customer away. A customer willing to pay $5 or 10 per ad just to keep this nonsense to a minimum. Now a customer taking his business to Kijiji, Facebook, Myspace and the local news media.

So congratulations are in order – the Craigslist Polizei are now in position to drive themselves out of work and business in general – its a classic Pyrrhic Victory.

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