Creative Computing: Artmaster Pro

Fo2Pix Artmaster Pro creates wonderful images through its ability to provide stunning design options. Artmaster Pro literally knows the lines, areas, tones and colors of your images. It then goes about simplifying and emphasizing those attributes in your image:
As you can see from the screenshot, Artmaster knows how to simplify the colours within in area. See the upper left thumbnail – its is the proposed overlay onto the original image – see the lower left thumbnail. And on the main canvas one can paint on the changes with precise control for brightness, contrast, a replacement blending. Or one can just do a paint can fill over the entire canvas. In studio mode, Artmaster provides dozens of color shapings, dozens of line drawings derived from the original with different emphasis or color or just fidelity of form. See Artmaster in action here in comparison with some other “Artful Dodgers”.Finally Artmaster also provides a great set of textures and image area highlights. In short, it provides the photo finishing artist, a comprehensive set of refinements to their images. For the ultimate in control, try the BuzzPro 3 plugin- but for sheer ease of use and creative fun do give Artmaster Pro a whirl – a ten use license is available for free at Fo2Pix.

(c)JBSurveyer 2006
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