Kunle.TV states its purpose and vision on its front page with a full width, video mission statement  capped with the Cisco declaration – “By 2019, 80% 0f all the world’s Internet traffic will be video”. is written in WordPress and every page is filled  with informative videos ranging from Futurism Weekly through Video Presenting & Collaboration to Workshop Testimonials. So lives by and delivers its video mantra.

Lets examine the evidence for this  commitment to video. First if you are Sports or News website, you are increasingly committed to video in two ways – your stories often have video headers  which summarize the real time story. Even the venerable NYTimes is adopting video.
Then, in the written analysis, as you read  there are stealthily buried video ads in the  post which  suddenly emerge in the middle of an article and then disappear as you scroll down. Video ads are growing exponentially in importance to  Web marketers as seen by the video trends noted below:
WireBuzz – “25% of consumers will lose interest in your brand if you don’t have a video explaining your product or service”
WireBuzz – “70% of marketers say video gives the best ROI”
WireBuzz – “2017 is the year when video advertising spending will exceed TV advertising spending
ThingGoogle – “YouTube reaches more 18+ viewers during Prime-Time TV hours than any Cable provider”
ThingGoogle – “Millenials watch 47% less TV than than viewers 35+ in age”
Forbes – “500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day”
Forbes – “Internet Video  Traffic will be over 80% of all Internet traffic in 4 years” note this is 2 years longer than Cisco’s projection
Forbes – “64 Percent Of Consumers Purchase After Watching Branded Social Video Content
Forbes – “500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day”
Tubular –  “YouTube, Facebook, & Instagram are the top 3 social media video providers”
Invisia –  “People spend on average 2.6 more time on pages with video than on pages without video”
Invisia –  “Marketers who use video grow  revenue 49% faster than those without
Invisia –  “Nearly 2/3rds of consumers prefer video uder 1 minute”
Invisia –  “Online shoppers who view demo videos are 1.81x more likely to purchase than non-viewers
Invisia –  “Including video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80% ”
Clearly Kunle Bristow has spotted the video trend in Web marketing early in the cycle. So how well has the website adapted to its  video delivery challenge?

Well the website, despite the potentially higher  performance cost of video,  delivers very good Website.Grader scores of  22/30 for speed, 30/30 for mobile readiness, 30/30 for SEO status, and 10/10 for security adding up to an overall website rating of 92/100. With a high SEO score and very topical commentary, it is not surprising to see with 112 backlinks from 13 separate resources. It is interesting to contrast with its allegiance to verbally dominant podcasts with’s use of video. Which has the most persuasive arguments?

Podcasting is really about high quality storytelling. The challenge in Web video is to deliver that same, high level story telling experience.; but inevitably the costs are higher for video. appears to grasp and be dealing with that challenge by delivering a video-full website with a clear and compelling message.