Divide and Conquer Spells

DesktopLinux continues to tell it like it is. Indeed Microsoft is fracturing the Linux community. Like Martin Luther, Mundie/Ballmer/SaintGates have pinned to the Whaling Wall 235 Linux patent infringements. Its a Whaling Wall because you cant see any of the patents in any detail; but Steve and company will insist they are real – just toss a wand or harpoon at them, fat you chance you will get to sea any substance.

And now the Microsoft Machiavellians are busy extorting various patent settlements from Linux players with completely invisible infringements. Talk about a Harry Potter-like Invisibilty Cloak and Confundum Spell! Worse – the effect of the Spell is cumulative. As Redmond gets more signers – more Linux players will succumb just at the moment when their Linux OS desktops beat the beJesus out of that el Bloato, no-longer lowest cost, no longer most applications, no longer most peripherals compatible OS – Vista. Talk about Dark Lord magic.

And what are the IT vendor community doing – the IBMs, HPs, Oracles, SAPs, and others who are dependent on Linux sales doing about this ? Well about as much as they did to help Netscape and then Java when Redmond did its Darklord “Monopolistic Magic” on those two vendors software. And as for the Muggles … uhhh Business IT? Heck-and-be-swindled, they are still clinging to the illusion of the Microsoft “we will take care of you” security blanket. I mean talk about hopeless these guys and gals are deliberately conceding distinct competitive advantage to those who are just first generation IT savvy.

So just as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out, the IT community gets to see real Dark Magic Spells in Action.

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