Firefox is Better

FireFox is better; but dont take my word for it read what others are saying: – Firefox is an excellent alternative to Microsoft IE
CNET – “Firefox is clearly better than Internet Explorer”
DesktopPipeline – “Time to give up on Internet Explorer?”
eWeek – “Firefox 1.0 lives up to its hype”
Forbes Magazine – “Better than Internet Explorer by leaps and bounds”
Neowin – one Weblogs reaction to Firefox
PCWorld -” Desktop users continue to ditch Internet Explorer”
theRegister – Firefox 1.0 limbers up for launch
USAToday – “beware of spyware, if you can, use the Firefox browser”
VNUNet – “The best browser around. Period.”
Wall Street Journal – “I suggest dumping Microsofts Internet Explorer”
ZDNetUK – Firefoxs [features] make it more attractive than Internet Explorer