Developers Advisory: Hold on .NET Development Work
Like investment advisories providing buy, sell, or hold signals to stock investors, theOpenSourcery issues a Hold on Microsoft .NET development work. The critical reason is that Longhorn with its profoundly changed SDK and programming requirements is probably less 2 years away if Bill Gates has anything to say about it – so a project started now and lasting 8-14 months has barely a year of operation before it is obsolete. But more importantly, Microsoft is not promising anything about getting users on Winforms, Webforms, the classic Win API, NTFS, and even some of the .NET Frameworks like ADO.NET and ASP.NET and describing an upgrade path that is less onerous than what Redmond did for users of Microsoft APIs and tools such as Visual Basic 6 or COM or RDO or other precursor technologies to .NET. See all the gory details here.