IT Trade Press Blogs: Better than the Originals?

Here is proof of the old adage “choose the singer not the song” for selecting courses, books, and even music. The idea is that the subject matter of a course may be interesting but the the teacher determines how sustainably good and interesting that course subject will be over the many weeks of a term.

Well the same rule may apply to the IT Trade Press of late.

For example Steven Vaughan-Nichols at Linux-Watch is writing much more comprehensively and candidly about Linux than any of the stuff back at eWeek. Occasionally he steps out of the corporate fold and does some articles at DesktopLinux like the superb Vista vs Linux benchmarks . But his is one of the interesting, no-nonsense Linux sites.

Likewise Joe Wilcox with the help of Peter Galli is doing broader more strategic management oriented articles at Microsoft Watch than Ziff-Davis or Mary Jo Foley who cracked some great scoops but needed Galli like support. Now Joe continues, like the IT Trade Press, to ignore a lot of Microsoft past sins (most notable, nobody in the IT trade press has taken Microsoft to task for its five year++ hiatus on IE development and outright thwarting of new Web Standards – certainly not the “bought lot” at the Web Standards Project). But of late Joe is really casting light on the XML-Open Office issues and the nature of Microsofts legal wranglings.

So its is the quality of the singers/writers not the IT trade press song/logo (eWeek, Infoworld, Information Week or what have you) that counts.

(c)JBSurveyer 2007
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