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Certain unnamed parties had tried to advance the notion that Java is getting far from full and enthusiastic support in the Open Source community. Sun, by making Java Open Source, would see, according to the unnamed parties, a flourishing of Open Source Java development. However, our perusal of the Java Open Source scene finds it not just flourishing; but overflowing with a cornucopia of programs and applications listed here.

Our list is biased towards development tools and developers are particularly encouraged to try out the new Java IDE's the much improved NetBeans and the IBM WebSphere-inspired Eclipse. Both are full blown IDEs with full power text editing, drag-and-drop visual designers (Neteans natively, Eclipse with some plugins)and full breakpoint and watches enabled debugging. Also both systems have a large roster of other 3rd party and open source plugins. In addition the list includes Apps, DBMS, Games, and Languages.

Now to further dispel the notion these are not industrial strength applications we have added links to books and/or reviews in some of the key apps and tools. Be sure to check out the books and info marked with a Reference: tag. So Java Open Source is alive and well. Many thanks to the Java Open Source projects. If you know of a Java Open Source application or tool that you think should be on this list, please recommend it.

Some readers have noted that the latest additions to the JavaOpens listing gets lost in the length of the list. So we are providing a small executive summary for each newly added Java Open Source Tool.

Blue Jay - Popular instructional Java IDE which also works as NetBeans plugin. Go here to see all the educational institutions using the IDE

Free and Open Source Java Software
Java Software Type Description
ActiveMQ Dev A JMS message queuing framework with J2EE ties
Ant, Apache Dev Java XML-based make-build utility
Reference:Books Jakarta Pitfalls, Java Ant provide insight into Ant's effectiveness. Lang Java parser generator in style of yacc/lex, good book
BYacc/J Lang U Cal Berkley's Compiler compiler for Java
Arianne Game Java role playing game creation tool
ArgoUML Dev powerful UML design and CASE tool; many novel features
Art of Illusion App a 3D graphics modeling, rendering and animation tool
AspectJ Lang Aspect oriented programming extension to Java
AspectWerkz Dev AOP framework for Java
AurigaDoc App Java-XML documentor:HTML,JavaHelp, OracleHelp, PDF, PS
Axis, Apache Dev implements JAX/RPC for Web Services in Java
Reference:Good coverage of Axis in this general book on Java Web Services
Barbecue Dev Java barcode generator for Swing/AWT use
BCEL, Apache Dev A Java .class file reader and dis-assembler
BeanShell Lang An embeddable scripting interpreter of Java, very cool
Reference:A good book on J2EE Insights also provides neat BeanShell and Struts usage.
BlueJ Lang Java IDE popular for its instructional value, has NetBeans plugin
Reference:The following book provides a n Intro to Java Object using BlueJ
BSF, IBM Dev A BeanShell scripting framework for integration with
Cactus, Apache Dev JUnit test bed on the server side for J2EE
Reference:Cactus is touted as testing tool in Rod Johnson's excellent One on One J2EE
Castor Dev provides data binding services using XML, SQL thru JDO
Reference:Castor gets nearly a full chapter in the excellent book on J2EE Insights.
Cewolf Dev add graphing and charting tags to JSP
Checkstyle Dev checks a Java program for conformance to style guidelines
Code Geneation Lib Dev adds dynamic runtime class/interface changes to Java
Columbia App full featured Java eMail client
Daffodil CRM App is a CRM-Customer Relationship Management application
DataVision App banded report writer (like Crystal) with visual designer
DBUnit Dev provides unit tests for Java database programs
DCZip App provides GUI Java Jar/Tar/War/Zip file handler
Dependency Finder Dev allows auto-finding complex dependencies in Java code
Derby, Apache DBMS Apache's name for IBM's pure Java Cloudscape database
DOM4J Dev provides DOM for Java
Reference:DOM4J usage is illustrated in the well rated book More Jakarta Pitfalls.
DrawSWF App a Java drawing program that produces SVG files
DrJava Dev development environ that supports interactive Java great for Java students
Drools Dev declarative programming framework for business rules in Java
Eclipse, IBM Dev an extensible development IDE for Java
Reference:Eclipse book & Java Eclipse +reviews at eWeek and ADTrends show uptick.
Eclipse Plugins Dev Very rich and diverse set of commercial and open/free Eclipse Plugins
EJB Benchmark Dev using MySQL or PostgreSQL to bench mark EJB strategies
Expresso Dev A popular set of J2EE components and tools
Flow4J Dev Eclipse plugin which models process flow & gens Java code
FrozenBubble Game Nifty Java GUI arcade-like game
Fulcrum Dev Java based services framework
Gantt Project App Java-based Gantt chart and project planning tool
Geronimo Dev Appache J2EE 1.4 App Server; to be certified by 3Q 2004
GhostWriter Game one of a dozen delightful Java Web Start games
giANT Dev graphic interface diagrams for ANT scripts
Grinder, The Dev load testing framework that uses Jython
Groovy Lang variant and extension of Java which produces JVM bytecode
Groovy has Eclipse plugin, uses Java classes directly & Sun is using as model for Java 6, 7
Hibernate DBMS persistence and object/relational mapping tool for Java
Reference:Hibernate get full treatment in good book on Java Open Source Programming
HSQLDB DBMS is the default Java database of JBoss
HTML Parser Dev a Java HTML parser easily extendable
HttpUnit Dev is JUnit extension for testing web sites
Infoglue App Java content management system
iReports App a report visual design tool used with Jasper
iText Dev Java library for generating PDF or HTML documents
J2MEPolish Dev J2ME Polish adds GUI style to PDA
JabRef App a biblio reference database application in Java
JAF, Sun Dev JavaBean Activation Framework for manipulating MIME data
JAI, Sun Dev is the Java Advanced Imaging API
Jakarta Commons Dev a common set of Java utilities and routines
James, Apache App a Java-based eMail server
Jasper Dev a JSP compiler used in Tomcat and other OS Java software
Reference:Jasper gets fair coverage in the book Mastering Tomcat
JasperReports App a Java based reportwriter using XML templates
JavaCC, Sun Dev A Java parser/Compiler-Compiler with many grammars
JavaGroups Dev multi-cast group implementation in Java
JavaHelp, Sun App Java based help syste with DocBook support
JavaMail, Sun Dev API used to create, send and get mail messages in Java
Java NetBrowser App Java Netwprk browser supports HTTP, FTP, NFS, SMB, etc
Javassist Dev like BCEL, a runtime JVM code modifier
JavaServiceWrapper Dev a Java restart enabler for various server-side services
Jaxen Dev a Java Xpath engine which supports JDOM, dom4j
JBidwatcher App an Ebay, Yahoo auction site bid tracking tool
JBoss Dev a certified J2EE 1.4 server which links to many databases
Reference:JBoss has several books but the best appears to be One on One J2EE.
jBpm App a Java workflow mgmt system with automated control
JContainer Dev has 5 frameworks or templates for J2EE and Java development
JCS, Apache Dev a distributed caching engine for server performance boost
JDepend Dev creates metrics for measuring Java source code
JDOM Dev DOM API for acessing XML thru Java
Reference:Rusty Heralds's book on XML with Java also covers DOM and JDOM implementations
jEdit App a Java source editor written in Java
Jelly Dev a tool to convert XML templates into code
JetSpeed, Apache App is a portal server developed with Java, XML
JFlex Dev is a lexical analyzer generator for Java
JFreechart Dev free charting and graphing API
JGraph Dev powerful, lightweight graph component for Java
JGraphT Dev Java routines for Graph and network Theory problems
JGPDesigner App Java Graphical Process Designer produces BPM diagrams
Jikes Lang alternate to Sun's java as compiler, fairly fast
JMeter, Apache Dev Java-based performance and load testing tool
JML Dev Java Modeling Language for design by contract coding
jMock Dev Java objects testing framework
JModeler Dev Java Model/Flowcharting component; quite novel
JMRI Game Java Model Railroad Interface for hobbyists,DeccoderPro,
JMT Dev Java Measurement tool; customizable heuristics
JMX-MC4J Dev Java Management Extensions - Management console
JOGRE Game Java Online Gaming Real-time Engine is nice design, just emerging
Jonas Dev Objectweb's J2EE App Server with range of features
Joone App Java Neural Net test and train framework
JPOX Dev Java Persistent Objects framework using JDO
jRegisterKey Dev an API that allows access, updates of Windows Registry
JRobin DBMS Java Round Robin Database implementation with graphics
Jsfcomp Dev Java server faces components for web and portal systems
JSTL, Apache Dev JSP Standard tag Library
JTDS DBMS JDBC driver for SQL Server
JTOpen Dev is a set of open Java classes for using iSeries, AS/400 resources
JudoScript Lang cool Java/JavaScript scripting language for use with JDBC
JUnit Dev the Java unit testing tool
Reference:JUnit has several good books like JUnit Guide and JUnit in Action
Jython Lang Java implementation of Python scripting that emits JVM bytecode and runs cross platform- Win, Mac, Linux, etc.
Reference:Jython has momentum, 2 books Jython for Java & Jython Essentials show why.
Limsee App very powerful Java multimedia tool; must see!
Lint4j Dev a Java code analyzer for trapping threading, locking issues
Log4J, Apache Dev a good Java logging toolkit used by JBoss, etc
Lucene, Apache Dev a Java-based searh engine
Marauroa Game a Java game client which works with Arianne
Maven, Apache Dev a program project co-ordinator, lots of features
Reference:This Maven book actually covers a wide variety of Java tools: XDoclet, Junit, etc
Mevenide Dev makers of Eclipse, JBuilder and NetBeans plugins for Maven
MegaMek Game Java based network board game 2++ palyers
Merlin, Apache App a service and component management framework for Java
MiddleGen Dev a Java code generator used by JBoss, etc
Minesweeper Game Java version of the desjktop classic
Mondrian DBMS an OLAP engine written in Java, uses MDX, XMLforA, JOLAP
MySQLConnectorJ DBMS JDBC connector to MySQL
Netbeans, Sun Dev a very good, free, open source Java IDE
Reference:NetBeans has improved dramatically; see book NetBeans Guide and Review.
NetBeans Plugins Dev NetBeans is gathering more plugins as it supports C/C++, Java, JS, Python, etc.
DaffodilDB DBMS is a enterprise caliber database support SQL 99, JDBC 3.0, J2EE
OpenEJB Dev a modular, configurable, and extendable EJB Server like JBoss
OpenForBiz App General retail busines application software written in Java
OpenReports App uses Jasper for web-based reporting in PDF, HTML or XLS
OpenWFE App an Open Workflow Engine for Java with web interface, XML
PDFBox Dev a PDF library for Java; access all components of a PDF
PHP/HTML Plugin Dev PHP/HTML plugin for Eclipse adds parser, debugger, viewer
PMD Dev a Java source code analyzer, Lint-like and many plugins
Profiler Dev an Eclipse plugin that profiles Java code
ProGuard Dev a Java class file shrinker and obfuscator
Pygmy App a tiny, 40KB Java web server , very customizable
Quartz Dev enterprise job scheduler for Java and J2EE apps
Replicator, Daffodil DBMS is a database replicator and synchronization tool.
Retroweaver Dev translates new 1.5 JVM to 1.4 compatible JVM bytecode
Roller App a Java-based weblogger using Tomcat, MySQL
Risk Game for those never bored with Risk, here is the place to go
RSSOwl App a Java RSS newsreader with browser & multi-export options
Saxon Dev a Java XSLTand Xpath procesoor
Reference:Michael Kay's book XSLT+XPath book is straight from the developer of Saxon
Scarab Dev a bug tracking system written in Java
Scripting for XML Lang a nifty scripting language for XML with a mini IDE
Seppia Lang a scriptingshell combining Java and JavaScript
SOFIA Dev RAD tool set for J2EE and database driven applications
Spring Framework Dev J2EE framework using AOP, JDBC, and Hibernate
Squirrel SQL Viewer DBMS a Java-based SQL database viewer
Struts, Apache Dev a Servlet and JSP web application framework
Reference:Struts, as this review & several books(best Struts tome) attest, is doing well.
Struts Menu Dev a Struts JSP menu creator with XML definition files
Tiles, Apache Dev a set of JSP taglibs, used by Struts, etc
Tomcat, Apache Dev the major free, open source Java Servlet and JSP server
Mastering Tomcat tells all about this excellent Servlet and JSP server.
TripleA Game  
Turbine, Apache Dev great servlet based development framework for Java
UDDI4J Dev provides a Java API to interact with Web Services UDDI
UMLet Dev another Java UML diagrammer with emphasis on UseCase
Velocity Dev an alternative to JSP
VeryQuickWiki App a Java based Wiki bulletin board
Xalan, Apache Lang Java-based XSLT processor
X-Diff Dev a Java-based XML file differencer
XDoclet Dev translates special Java comments into EJB deploy files etc
Xerces Dev another Java-based XML parser
XMLWrite App a smart XML editor with XPath, SVG, XHTML templates
XNap App P2Pclient written in Java; supports Gnutella,gFT,IRC, ICQ,
XPlanner App project planning and tracking tool in Java, JSP, MySQL
XStream Dev simple, elegant Java class to XML to Java class serializer
  If you know of a Java Open Source application or tool that you think should be on this list, please recommend it.

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