Just Good Enough Software: Alive and Well ?

Just Good Enough Software may be very alive and well despite all Redmonds commitments to Trustworthy Computing. Take a look at what the rank and file are saying about Visual Studio 2005, its readiness (or more precisely lack of) and its many “postponed” bugs. This is very serious business because the problems with generics and the basic new 2.0 Framework will get generated as bug ridden software through Software Factories and designer/developer tools faster than you can say Asian Bird Flu. Given Microsofts committment to Trustworthy Computing, this should be a no brainer for Microsofts CSA -> do another beta 3 and not a “final” release in November – no critical system software should be released before its time. This is truly a test of Microsofts commitments to Enterprise caliber systems and quality software.

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