LongHorn Redux V

Here are some trenchant and insightful commentaries I have found on Longhorn in the past few hours:
Miquel de Icaza is responsible for Mono and chunks of Gnome; he knows .NET GUI very well
CRNs Steve Ranger sees MS need to meet Software Assurance as driver of Longhorn Cuts
Business Weeks Jay Greene sees Longhorn cuts as major competitor opportunity
Joe Beda ex- Avalon-er, now Google-d comments on the “new” Avalon
The Registers Andrew Orlowski always raises some Inquirer-like points
Bill Gates tells all he can about Longhorn cuts
Mary Jo Foley at Microsoft Watch made sure this story did not slip between the cracks
ScriptingNews Dave Winer, go 2/3 of the way down for a “hard core” punchline
SimpleGeeks Chris Anderson gives another Avalon Designers take
Scott Mace has a very skeptical take on Longhorns real purpose
Joe Wilcox of Microsoft Monitor has an early reading of Longhorn cuts
Chris Andersen, Avalon architect, takes alook at the changes

I will update this list as more good links become available.

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