More than PhotoFinishes

As anyone who walks into a Best Buy or Staples knows there is a digital media revolution going on. One half of all cameras sold this year will be digital. Apple has upended music marketing with its iPod to the collective consternation of Microsoft, Palm and Sony. Digital video is going on a tear as it is now available in some mobile phones and digital cameras. Convergence between PDA handhelds and mobile phones is taking place as we read and speak. Digital media – and especially its software has long had a strong and vigorous independent development. Read that as no dominating Microsoft presence yet – but Avalon, Windows Media Player 10, Windows Smartphone and Media Center PC say “real soon now”.

Our sister publication,, is dedicated to following this revolution. It will be of interest to developers because PhotoFinishes will keep an open eye out for Smart Graphics and their ilk. Smart Graphics are graphics like SVG, SMIL objects, Flash animations, and 3D models that have built into them not just smarts as to how they will display themselves but also smarts as to how they will interact with users, mouse and keyboard clicks, etc.

But it will not just be devoted to the programming of graphics but all the blingbling going on in digital media. PhotoFinishes will follow the fun and excitement possible with digital video cameras, digital darkrooms and canvases the likes of which could only be imagined a decade ago. PhotoFinishes will follow speech and computer music and how they get incorporated into the world of design and esthetics. PhotoFinishes will be exactly that – how do photos and images help to finish and complete a site in compelling ways. Have a look see at the fun and excitement of the new digital media at the


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