Open Content Management Sources

There is a wave of open content management systems becoming available for Web Developers. Publishing to the Web has never been easier. For example, Keep an Open Eye uses the WordPress open weblog – it took about a day to find WordPress, decide it was the best fit, get it and get up and running. Now that task is simplified even further with these great open CMS information resources:

OpenSourceCMS – live demos of 60 of the best PHP/MySQL Blogs, CMS, e-Learning, Forums, Galleries, Groupware, Wiki sources . Try online all the majors from openBB and phpBB through PHPNuke and Xoops to Coppermine and Gallery.

CMS List – great list of open source Content management systems using Perl, PHP, Java, etc

Roller – is a Java based Blogger with pointers to other Java Blog/CMS resources.

Gilbane Report – whats happening in open and commercial CMS worlds.

OpenSource CMS Directory – another great resource for CMS info

Xerox has a commercial on TV in which a student questions a professors lecture point that books and getting published is a closed organizational shop. Think of this list as a small move in the same direction => on your ability to publish or disseminate your ideas on the Web.

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